Understand the Outcome

Proper, consistent, long-term nutrition is critical to being a healthy, strong, individual. It is even more critical and specific if you have explicit body composition goals (talking about those 6 pack, single digit body fat goals).

Right there that puts us in two camps: those looking to overall be healthy and stay lean, and then those willing to do whatever it takes to get that super specific, ultra defined body composition result. So which one are you? There’s no denying we all want to feel good AND look good in our skin, while also perform well at the gym. The big difference in those two groups is the extent to which you’re willing to change your lifestyle.

Here’s how I see it.

Group 1. This group is committed to their athletic and nutrition goals. This group has a regimented training, eating, and sleeping schedule that they adhere to for about 85-90% of their week. That other 10-15% of their week they allow for flexibility in alcohol and nutrition choices. This group will see some significant progress in athletic and body comp goals. They will also sacrifice some of their results in order to have that 10-15% of their week to go out and have drinks or dinner with friends.

Group 2- Also very dedicated and committed to their athletic and nutrition goals. This group adheres to their training, eating, and sleeping schedule close to 100% of the time. They almost exclusively prepare their own food (tupperware is life in this group), and they do not drink alcohol. This group has an extremely high likelihood of achieving progress towards their fitness and body composition goals. Other parts of their lifestyle will be changed or sacrificed to reach that goal.

As long as you understand the outcome, you can be in either group and make meaningful progress in your athletic and body composition goals. It’s just important to know the lifestyle you’re choosing, to take ownership over that choice, and to understand its outcomes. Don’t punish yourself for eating outside of your diet, or having a glass of wine on a weeknight. As long as you understand the outcomes of your choices you can adjust accordingly and make adjustments to the rest of your day and week.

I’ve been a member of both group 1 and group 2. There’s a time in my athletic career I’ve spent in group 2, but otherwise I live and thrive as a Group 1 long-term member. I am diligent Monday-Friday afternoon. After that, I allow myself the freedom to eat and drink as I want. After all, New York City is the best place to live if you like to eat 🙂

It’s all about understanding the outcome of our choices.

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