Take the leap and learn to lift (heavy!)

So you’re feeling ready to dabble in the world of weights. Maybe your friends have convinced you, maybe a celebrity you follow lifts weights, maybe you read an article about women lifting weights (finally more of those are being published!). Or maybe you’re sick of feeling weak. However you got here.. WELCOME!

Welcome, women, to the world of strength training.

Let’s just get past that nasty rumor you’ve heard about lifting weights. No, you won’t get bulky. That will only happen if you eat to bulk and train to get bigger. Even then, that takes TIME. So, you can relax.

Instead, you can prepare for something else entirely.

Prepare to undergo an immense shift in perspective. Start training to be strong instead of skinny, because as my friend Jane Orgel likes to say, “Who cares if you’re skinny if you feel like shit all the time.” Keep training and have fun! What a nice change of pace that is from the dreaded cardio or bust workout. Commit to your training and surprise yourself by lifting things you never thought you could, and by doing it well. Deadlifting and squats are actually really fun, you’ll see.

Finally, and maybe the best part of it all, I hope in this process you can find other women and other men in your facility that are heavily invested in your strength and just as psyched to see you PR as you were to do it.

So to all of the women in the gym, busting your ass to get strong AF (for whatever your reason), I applaud you. Please go spread the word to all the women you know. Feeling strong is powerful. And there’s nothing else like it.

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