When Your Training is OoO

Summer is here and so are summer vacations (thankfully!). Vacation is absolutely a time to veer from routine and to indulge. It allows us to recharge and deal with our diet and exercise fatigue, because let's be honest, when you've got serious performance or body composition goals, it is hard work. That being said, most … Continue reading When Your Training is OoO

What Does it Mean to Train?

How do you categorize your fitness? The way we think about our fitness and the words we choose to describe our fitness routine can dramatically change our perspective. It can detract and downplay our efforts, making them seem less substantial. Or it can motivate and focus the efforts we put into each day to try … Continue reading What Does it Mean to Train?

Understand the Outcome

Proper, consistent, long-term nutrition is critical to being a healthy, strong, individual. It is even more critical and specific if you have explicit body composition goals (talking about those 6 pack, single digit body fat goals). Right there that puts us in two camps: those looking to overall be healthy and stay lean, and then … Continue reading Understand the Outcome

Take the leap and learn to lift (heavy!)

So you’re feeling ready to dabble in the world of weights. Maybe your friends have convinced you, maybe a celebrity you follow lifts weights, maybe you read an article about women lifting weights (finally more of those are being published!). Or maybe you’re sick of feeling weak. However you got here.. WELCOME! Welcome, women, to … Continue reading Take the leap and learn to lift (heavy!)